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Chromozone Mural Festival started as an idea amongst friends at Forecast Public Art and Burlesque of North America in partnership with Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ). Few & Far was invited to join the summer events located in Saint Paul, MN within the industrial area of Saint Anthony Park in June of 2022.

During the Few and Far Meet-and-Greet we created a large-scale collaborative mural titled “Garden Buddies” along with participating in a live speaking panel moderated by Zamara Cuyun at Urban Growler Brewing, a women owned business and sponsor of the event.

Curated and planned by CEZ’s Anglea Castleton alongside Few & Far’s Thomasina Top Bear aka Tomie - the artists on this production included our founder Meme, street artists Deity, Keena, Flora & guest artist Simone Tincher.

The mural theme “Garden Buddies” was chosen to highlight and celebrate all the artists on this project having a 'green thumb'. We all love gardening, wild harvesting and our plant relatives. This project represented us growing together as a crew, and as a group of women. It's always a beautiful and special time when we are able to come together and share our personal experiences as one.

This mural is located at (Bro-Tex Inc) 800 N. Hampden Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55114

More information about the festival and this project can be found on the Chromazone website

A little press can be found here and here

Also a great write up on the whole event can be found here


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