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YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL Few & Far Women’s 7th Anniversary Mural

July 7th weekend, 2018

2537 Willow st Oakland, Ca cross st Mandela Parkway.

Didn’t You Know “You Are Beautiful”? Few & Far Mural Project Celebrates 7 Years with a Message for Oakland (and the World)

By Miranda Culp

All over the world, women are stepping up, breaking out, revealing their true power and beauty. It’s no accident that women are uniting to enact profound change now when the world needs it most.

On July 7, 2018, Few & Far joins this global movement by celebrating diversity and beauty. Our contribution to the conversation is a collaborative mural called “You Are Beautiful” on the streets of industrial Oakland.

All are welcome!

For the last seven years, our eclectic group of female artists, many of whom learned to paint on the street, have collaborated with the goal of building community, inspiring girls, and making the neighborhood more gorgeous. This mural is the culmination of everything we have learned, and represents our commitment to this peaceful and positive uprising.

As women who have all worked in the male-dominated industry, we have actively cultivated what you might call a “matriarchal” model of combining our talents, sharing our techniques, and supporting each other as peers. We want girls to see working artists in action, and while we are at it, we’d like to throw over unrealistic beauty standards for women young and old by declaring in the most colorful way possible that “You ARE Beautiful”!

We will be traveling from Boston, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida, LA, San Diego ,Oakland, Nevada County, and other far reaches of the earth to participate in this kickass party. We will have DJS, guest speakers, and vendors.

Before we forget, we’d like to thank those who generously contributed to this project – thank you for supporting women in the arts!

Please join us as we rack up another year of spray painting, skateboarding, organizing, mentoring, working days jobs and still throwing up some crazy pretty paint. When we work together, our work (and the world) is infinitely more beautiful.

Peace, Love, and Body Positivity, Good People!


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