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Over Earth Day week more than 800 artists from 60 different countries participated in the worlds first stay-at-home environmental mural festival to celebrate 50 years of Earth Day. This was organized by Seawalls & Pangeaseed and the works that were created were shared on their social media pages. It gave a much needed positive focus to the early days of the lockdown. The murals all had an environmental message and were created using 100% recycled paint.

Ursula X. Young painted on the side of her garage in her home in Grass Valley California. Agana painted in her backyard in Oakland, California.

#HOME2020 #PaintForAPurpose  #protectwhatyoulove  #artivism  #earthday2020  #stayhome @pangeaseed @seawalls_ @whanganuiwalls @aai_nz

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