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This June, after the unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd by police, and the widespread Black Lives Matter protests that followed, Few & Far Women took to the streets. Individually many works were created on boarded up streets by our crew, who were inspired to send messages of unity and resistance, but it felt like an important time to come together with other artists and create an organized wall to go bigger with the conversation around social issues. We teamed up with Shaun Burner and Franceska Gamez of Trust Your Struggle and other Sacramento-based street artists to create a new piece in Rice Alley, on 26th & S. The artists who worked on this mural are:

Shaun Burner, Franceska Gamez, Dime, Agana, MEME, Ursula X Young, Scott Brewer, Miss Moth, John Horton, PAWN & Aurora.


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