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The Resilience Project is a collaborative effort between Niz and local non profit organization Raasin In the Sun to highlight influential black people from the East Austin community who demonstrate excellence and resilience. Niz writes : "We feel that it is important to acknowledge their history and their culture amidst rapid gentrification in the area. I personally think it’s essential now more than ever to illuminate African American men and women who are empowered and who maintain high standards and integrity in their lives. This was our way of honoring people like this in the community and also recognizing key aspects of HUMANITY that transcend any type of division."

Important to note that Austin is one of the most SEGREGATED cities in the nation. Niz's hope is that better cultural understanding will lead to appreciation and also shine a light on some of the colonial patterns that create these big divides between people.

The people in the word “RESILIENCE” were chosen by African Americans in the community. The mural is located in East Austin in a neighborhood where quite a few if the people who were painted reside.

From left to right: R-Nook Turner/Roger S Taylor E-Wilhelmina Delco/JJ Seabrook S-Dorothy Turner I-Harrison Epright L-Cindy Elizabeth I-EM Franklin Sr E-Dr Freddie Dixon Sr/Bertha Sadler Means N-William Charles Atkins/Bill the Mailman Martin C-Tiffany Washington E-Pastor BW McClendon For more information or to DONATE so that we can create more murals along these lines, You can visit The Resilience Project — Raasin in the sun

First photo credit: Tyler Stubblefield


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