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The Few & Far Women crew along with other femme art friends gathered for yet another outstanding Miami Art Week (aka Art Basel) in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, FL.

Preparations for this production began months beforehand, with the fundraising and organization lead by Nico, of F&F. The production itself began on November 30th when artists began to stream in from Canada, Japan, Colombia, France, Puerto Rico, and all over the US.

The 2022 theme aimed to embody the beauty and vibrancy of Miami’s bright warm days evolving into cool colorful nights. Using a sunset color scheme accompanied by hot pinks, dark purples, and mellow lavenders the F&F crew and guest artists painted neon signs, beach scenes, dance moments, local flora and fauna. Everyone had a chance to put their unique spin on the Miami culture and aesthetic.

With 65 participating artists from around the world, there was never a dull moment or vision. Everywhere you turned there were different styles of expression using various art forms. Styles range from traditional graffiti with spray paint, to classic brush-painted realism, all married beautifully by the matching color scheme.

The production this year was the largest yet, spanning a few blocks and covering walls on various buildings. Through the grace of our sponsors, we were granted spray paint (thank you Loop Colors, Museum of Graffiti, Galera Collective, Wynwood Mural Fest), exterior acrylic paint for backgrounds and brushes (thank you Benjamin Moore and Miami Home Centers), tents, coolers, porta potties, lifts, ladders various art supplies, food, refreshments, and much more. These luxuries tremendously improved the overall experience and helped the artists focus on what was important: coming together to create another production of inspiring visuals for Wynwood’s international audience to enjoy and appreciate.

An experience like none other, this annual production continues to strengthen the bonds born back in 2011 during the first FNF, and first all-women production in Wynwood. Many new artists are nurtured by those with more experience and knowledge. Invaluable skills are learned and shared while participants connect and interact. New bonds are made, confidence is gained, history is learned and made, experience is earned, all while having an amazing time beautifying the streets of Wynwood.

This incredible and impactful event would not be possible without the support of Wahoo Logistics, and Blazy Susan! Both of these enterprises gave the crew the momentum necessary to carry out such a huge project and bring so many artists together! We truly could not do this without our sponsors!

Go check the final pieces out! The mural production location is:

Wynwood Arts District

2801 NW Fifth Ave

Miami, FL 33127

Here we give our thanks:

To our lovely sponsors:


Wahoo Logistics

@blazysusan @leftlanecreative @tommy.muench @amyvardijan @loopcolors.USA @pressseltzer @liquiddeath @museumofgraffiti @wynwoodmuralfest @yasutomo_art @galeracollective @glaysonleroy @miamihomecenters @benjaminmoore @guayaki @yasutomo_art


To our lovely artists:


Few & Far Women:

MEME @memersweets WHIMS @high.ballin AGANA @dj_agana WUNA @wuna_graffiti DIME @ladimeuna NICO @nicosuavalicious

MEDUSA @prime_colors POLEN @polenhunny

Guest Artists:

@222.twotwotwo @777heavenart @ale.jimnz @aniaamador @allisonbamcat @averyrosebrown @barbarahionides @catchin.da.vibe

@chinachiic @createyourwonder @chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @dalaimua @delphine_toughcookie @elena_ohlander

@eyefuckingcu @freakykissdesigns @gbat215 @jennvealart @johanopoly @jesscmo @kernmyrtle @lulukathulu @loveslari

@misslushy @madregabs @mandalaera @mariatattoos @melski @miamidadeprincess @manurat6 @mia_unkwn1 @musty420_ @nancytatt @nicocathcart @nicolepalapoli @needyforgraffiti @okinacosmo @roxenticity

@subdivine @sick_qirl @shananagan1 @shinigamigamma @spero_art @stayseaart @tibzz @tilinz @thetracypiper

@twoxxss @toyinvades @undisplay_ @volta_mia @wavedbabe @xaniduart



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