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We had an amazing time in Miami celebrating our 10 year anniversary October 5-10, and we are so thankful to everyone who supported us, sponsored us and hosted us! The 10 year anniversary group exhibit is up at WYN317 until November 19th. We covered the outer walls of the space with murals from the 14 artists who converged in Miami for the week. With a mystical cosmic space theme we brought some serious lady magic to the space... go check it out!

Artists featured in the art show and murals were: Meme, Nico, Ursula X Young, Dime, Agana, Medusa, Niz, Deity, Beth Emmerich, Wuna, Polen, Kee, Whims, Delvs & Shiro.

Huge shout out to all our amazing sponsors!! Monster Energy, Montana Cans, Ranch Rider, Joto Sake, Sasoma, Mad Hippie, Psycho J, Tacos & Tattoos, Infamy Art, Fem Magazine, Yes Juice, Bud Lather, Blazy Susan, Indecline, Local Vintage... we LOVE you!


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