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Few and Far founder Meme and California artist Ursula X Young made the magic happen again earlier in April at the Emerge Summit, a gathering of hot entrepreneurial talent at Sacramento’s Memorial Hall. Working with the theme “dare to”, the two artists brought a 16X4 canvas to dazzling life in front of inspired attendees.

Metro Edge and the Crocker Art Museum organized the event with the goal of drawing together the broad range of expertise in the city. The vision for this work was to play with ideas around space, and of course, a classy, astral ingénue made an appearance in the archetypal Few and Far style.

The Few and Far mission to support women in the arts made this live painting a natural fit for this conference, reminding the Sacramento community that art plays a central role in any effort to stoke the fires of local culture and commerce.

Dare to Reach for the Stars is currently for sale, but it has seen some interest, so don’t hesitate. For more information, URSULA X. YOUNG MEME Emerge Summit in Sacramento, Ca.


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