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Few & Far Women’s 7th Anniversary Mural

July 7th weekend, 2018

2537 Willow st Oakland, Ca cross st Mandela Parkway.

On July 7th weekend 2018 the international women of Few and Far will once again come together with non-profit Urbanists Collective to create a 80’x20’ wall titled “You Are Beautiful” with the simple intention of sending a clear positive message into the community - and to the world beyond - at a time when it’s most needed. Women uniting to uplift.

Both the street and the fine art gallery are competitive, hierarchical atmospheres, limited and exclusive modes of understanding and fostering artistic expression. There is a better way to lift up vulnerable people, to communicate ideas, to inspire profound change.

Few and Far needs your support. Join with us in this new era of empowerment and inclusion as we celebrate our seventh year at our original Oakland location. In the spirit of bringing beauty to everyone, this event will have mural making supported by a local non-profit along with children’s workshops, guest speakers, and local vendors. Female DJs will keep this party bumpin’ throughout the day.

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