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Bringing the Love –Again! Few and Far Flourishes at Sacramento Wide Open Walls Art Project

Last week, Few and Far member Ursula X Young suddenly found herself sitting at a press conference among Sacramento heavyweights like Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Congresswoman Doris Matsui. She was there to talk about the value of public art and Sacramento’s upcoming Wide Open Walls. WOW916

As Mayor Steinberg eagerly pointed out, the Sacramento Mural Festival from the previous year was so successful that businesses supplied 4x the space for artists to work their magic to Wide Open Walls (August 10-20, 2017)– and Few and Far is contributing!

This ambitious project, arguably one of the largest in the nation, will involve 50 artists and 40 locations over the course of a week with the aim of bringing visual vitality to corners of the city beyond the grid, areas that could really use a little inspiration. Creators will play with themes like diversity, rising rent and sustainable city culture.

MeMe, Deity, and Ursula will be tackling a 100-foot wall with their signature style, plus a little Art Nouveau thrown in. Bringing their unique, collaborative and distinctly feminine flavor to 4301 Power Inn Road, Few and Far sees this as a natural extension of their lager mission: to educate, inspire and beautify.

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