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Born in the late 1980s, Wüna is a graffiti artist from France settled in Montreal since 2012. She started making graffiti in 2001 when she discovered it on her city’s skate park walls. She immediately got passionate about hip hop culture and the energy and values that it conveys.

As a self-taught woman she started by painting characters but moved step by step to creating lettering in order to extend her skills and master completely all the aspects of her art. 

Wüna has taken part in several documentaries and books about graffiti art, and she regularly hosts workshops. Her latest collaborations have rapidly promoted her into the universe of graphic design and illustration and she makes unique graphic designs for dance schools, magazines & clothes brands . Today she combines - as often as she can - her passion for graffiti with her love of travel by going abroad to many jams and events around the world.

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