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As the world knows, George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25, 2020. His murder sparked protests, civil unrest, rioting and looting. The aftermath of this uprising led to a newfound community and togetherness, demands for real social justice and accountability for our police department and city leaders.  

After almost two weeks of hurt and mourning in Minneapolis it finally felt right for some to start the healing process within our communities. As all the store fronts were boarded up throughout the city, artists were called upon to use art to express messages of healing at a local co-op in two locations. 

Medusa along with 2 other lead artists, Leslie Barlow & Bayou Thomas picked 7 other BIPOC artists along with some community allies to create murals of love, respect, hope, cooperation, rebuilding, unity & justice. 

Here are murals from the two locations.


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