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 Shiro's artwork is an exploration of classic New York urban history through the lens of an artist who reveres Hip Hop culture. Her character named "Mimi" is foreign and yet incredibly recognizable. Her artworks are prime examples of her fusion of both Japanese aesthetic and old-school New York graffiti art. 
Mimi has a deeper meaning beyond the surface, she is emblematic of strength and femininity.
A formative time for the artist was in her early 20's. She worked as an RN in Japan, a time she  experienced end of life up-close, while taking care of each one of her patients. Her practice as a nurse made her recognize that every life has its limits. 
This stark realization inspired her to travel all over the world and make her murals as her "Footsteps". 
Her Motto is "Love life and live it to the max. We exist RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!" 
She has traveled and made her murals in 18 countries with more to come. 
As the artist evolves, her creative practice has included art on clothing, books and fine art, she plans to build on what is now 20 years as an artist and engage in more community mural projects.  In particular, she strives to work directly with kids in slums and ghettos around the world. 

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