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Roshi K is a visual artist that utilizes spray paint, watercolors, acrylic, and digital media to create ethereal still life compositions and capture bold portraits of the feminine figure. With years of studying studio art and animation under her belt, Roshi brings motion, pleasing color palettes, and esoteric symbolism together in harmony on whatever canvas she tackles. Roshi K draws inspiration from her travels, her love of Blerd culture, etymology, and nature  - the greatest artist. 


Roshi K’s colorful style is attributed to all the wonderful places she has called home. Born in San Diego, she has lived in N. Carolina, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia, Northern Texas, Hawaii, and Central Texas. She attended school for Studio Art at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Art Institute of Austin for Media Arts & Animation. After a half year stay on Oahu, Roshi decided to come back to the mainland and pursue a career as a visual artist full time. She chose to set down roots in Austin and took the street art scene by surprise as one of the only black female street artists in Texas. From 2013 - 2018, Roshi K painted everything from walls to boogie boards, designed everything from tshirts to boots, and organized IRL community events as well as digital events. Roshi K is responsible for bringing Free Art Friday, a city wide treasure hunt for free art, to the city of Austin. Roshi K has had the pleasure of being tapped to work with an extensive list of corporations and companies. Her most recent collaboration was redesigning the iconic Crown Royal velvet bag for a limited release. 


These days you can find Roshi K, mother of two, quietly grinding away in her studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains. From her home base in a small, historic Virginia town, Roshi travels for murals and art shows, streams live art, provides guidance and inspiration for young artists. Roshi K makes sure to take the time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, because she knows that a person never knows when their card will be pulled. So savor the moments, big and small. 

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