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Niz is an Austin based stencil artist  from Lima, Peru. She began as a skateboard/grip tape artist and progressed into large scale mural art.  She is a self taught artist whose roots are in urban culture.

Her style blends crisp photo-realism with abstract, watered-down color. Niz uses foreground and background as a metaphor for the individual and the environment, often fusing both in an effort to show the tension and unity between them. She often incorporates iconic imagery with a magical feel, using familiar symbols to communicate a whimsical effect. Female power and energy are at the forefront of her work.

  A Niz mural is instantly recognizable not only for it’s unique color and style, but for the way she juxtaposes color and line to either make it compliment or stand out in context. In a world of hard edges and aggressive messages, a Niz piece soothes with a vibrant and cool feel that takes the viewer inward to a nostalgic, mythical place.  Her specialty is in creating highly memorable pieces that stand the test of time and that mesh with the spirit of the environment and the community.

 Her goal as an artisvist is to bridge the gap between humans and their environment and empower women through powerful female visual representation. Niz frequently paints in the Yucatan region of Mexico, where she hopes to raise awareness about ocean conservation.


Niz's murals can also be found in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Puerto Rico, San Francisco and Texas.

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