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Mugre Diamante is an illustrator, muralist and Visual Designer born and raised in Manizales, Colombia.

She began to explore urban narratives by transcribing the streets through spray can letters in 2010. Graffiti became a tool that she later combined with other techniques to implement her own visual elements in large format murals developing into her current graphic style. Her influences and references range from her childhood memories and family roots, to music, dance, and old magazine covers. Experimental typography, illustration and the study of composition through color have all served to further enrich her work.

Mugre seeks to show us a world where perseverance, coupled with hard work, and team collaborations are at the heart of making dreams come true. She continues to question the confines of Reality, and wants to prove that whether you come from the smallest town or the largest city, you never have to be afraid of showing who we truly are.

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