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Graffiti artist and skateboarder Meme hails from Northern California. With Indigenous roots, she's a natural nomad, and has lived in Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Lake Tahoe, and Nevada City, and currently Richmond Virginia.  In her teens, whilst skateboarding at a skate park in Truckee, California, she fell in love with some colorful graffiti on a freight train and has never looked back.

Meme started skateboarding at the young age of 15. As a female skater in what is still a male-dominated world, Meme experienced negativity from her male counterparts which made her consider quitting skating altogether, but she held strong and persevered and - even after suffering some major injuries - became committed to skateboarding around the United States. Soon she could add graffiti to the list of loves, and her travels to skateboard and paint took her to destinations outside the US.

After many years of being a graffiti writer Meme experienced the same type of mans-club attitude that she had found in the skateboarding world. Enthusiastic, outgoing and motivated to start something positive that would combine all of her passions, Meme began to formulate ideas to turn the negatives into positives and started creating an all-female group who would get together, skate, paint, travel empower and support one another as women and artists. That was the beginning of Few and Far. With global support and that has driven Meme and the group, the organization now has 23 international members who paint murals together around the world and skateboard together across the US. Every year creates new opportunities and Few and Far is now heralded as a women-powered force to be reckoned with in both graffiti and skateboarding circles.


Over the last 20 years Meme has strived to improve the world around her through activism and art. Her travels have taken her to Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, India, Japan, China, Thailand, Dominican Republic, and soon Haiti.


Alongside the organizing of Few and Far, and her day job, Meme also facilitates skateboard projects, organizes murals, directs creative photo shoots, plans group trips and of course paints and skates every day.

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