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Kwim resides in the suburbs of Paris. and has been influenced by hip hop since adolescence. She has been active in graffiti culture for the past 15 years. She is constantly developing her evolving technique,  which is a mixture of sweetness and feminine strength.  Kwim became Kwim TWE when she joined a grafitti crew in Paris, she is a daily painter now. As an insider, she grows, improves her skills and her sensibility and gets to travel to far off places. Creating large walls outside, and new encounters with other street artists make her happy. Walls of all surfaces turn into perfect playgrounds for her characters  which seduce and question. She most likes to paint skulls, monsters, dark characters and beauty (female portraits, kids, animals etc) She especially loves to paint on dilapidated walls and in crumbling urban environments.

When she is not painting walls, she participates in exhibitions, teaches and participates in artistic events in France and abroad. 

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