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Keena Azania Romano exercises her creative mind through the exploration of diverse artistic mediums as a way to
engage and understand individual and collective purpose. Romano received her BFA from Pomona College then returned
to her native Bay Area to pursue a career in the Arts. Her Murals can be spotted from Sacramento, California to Oaxaca, Mexico.
Inspired by cultural rituals and practices, Romano combines spirituality with urban experience to produce work that draws
upon the quest for a greater understanding of intersectional beauty in this world. She fuses traditional native arts with
contemporary inner-city techniques to reflect a new language that encourages the healing and empowerment process between
community members and their environments. Her style is described as “vibrant and insightful”. She aspires to travel and create a colorful trail of art by exploring the modern Diaspora based on her multi-ethnic experience.

Inspired by the Global Arts Movement, I work to strengthen the Diasporic contribution to visual representation of culture. My
artwork incorporates esoteric themes, color theory and blends concepts such as urban experiences with historical, modern, and futuristic realities. I create Public Art to encourage dialogue with community and transcend the urban landscape. I utilize paints, stencils, natural objects and various other mediums to create a multi-ethnic lens that aims to embody the colorful, healing and hopeful reality of both present and future indigenous lifestyle.

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