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IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha) is a Nepali artist who paints mindful mantras in her native language and meshes the aesthetics of Sanskrit scriptures with graffiti influences. Her works can be described as thoughtful yet irreverent pieces, marrying the beauty of an elegant script with the mantras she often incorporates into her canvases. When not painting these intricate pieces, Sneha paints bold larger than life walls. Being the first to mesh Nepali Alphabets with American graffiti, she has shown her work in several exhibitions, commissioned works and public walls around the world including Boston, San Francisco, Bali, Istanbul, Geneva and Copenhagen.


Sneha recently graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a Master’s degree in Education. During her time at Harvard, Sneha explored effective leadership in education and the intersections of creativity, learning and technology. Currently she is working as the Founder and Director of the Children’s Art Museum of Nepal where she is passionate about designing creative learning experiences for young people.

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